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55 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER MARKETING TECHNOLOGY Strategic Experience Management and Proposal Best Practices Why does experience management maer to your department; to your firm? Because it's why clients hire our firms! In business development training, lawyers are coached to look for client pain points and consider how they can help solve a problem rather than just pitch services. As technologists, we can follow that same advice by trying to identify pain points in other departments that can be solved by sharing the firm's collective experience. Rather than each department recreating the wheel, a central source for experience data can create efficiencies within our departments and contribute to the firm's boom line. For example, imagine the potential efficiencies for Recruiting departments by leveraging your experience management system. Recruiting managers can quickly and easily identify lawyers with certain experience to create an ideal candidate interview schedule. Let's imagine your firm is actively recruiting a candidate leaving the government, the competition is fierce and the investment is substantial in terms of both time and money. The candidate tells the Recruiting Manager they are debating between your firm and your major competitor firm Beta, but they want to talk to a few more of your lawyers before making a decision. The recruiting manager turns to the firm's experience management system to identify all the lawyers, from senior partners to recent laterals, who joined the firm from the government including which branch of government they worked in. Then with another filter, they can quickly see who from that group also worked at law firm Beta. In a maer of minutes, the Recruiting department has a short list of lawyers for this highly desirable candidate to speak with. By using the experience management system, Recruiting can arrange powerful interviews to beer assess the fit for the firm and the candidate to hire more effectively. Experience Management — So Much More Than Just Pitches, Proposals and Rankings by Rachel Shields Williams, Sidley Austin LLP

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