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53 WWW.ILTANET.ORG | ILTA WHITE PAPER MARKETING TECHNOLOGY Strategic Experience Management and Proposal Best Practices While business developers inherently understand the value of experience management to respond to pitches, they may not have considered how experience management can support strategic initiatives. When developing new markets and expanding service lines, experience platforms provide informed opportunity spoing. By properly recording, tagging and syncing maer details from key firm systems, the firm gains new perspectives. Armed with experience information, and viewed in the context of market trends, market differentiators and gaps in key legal expertise become clear. Both are key to creating value for clients and firms. How to Evaluate Expertise and Market Trends A thorough evaluation of new business opportunities begins by studying your experience. Use your experience platform to understand your work at a variety of practice and industry levels. Your system can help you analyze maer size, profitability, and trends for growth and decline. In addition to maer level analysis, experience systems help identify core client industries you service. Once you understand the trends and your firm strengths, map them against client and market insights: » Market: How does the market view your firm? » Clients: Why do clients hire your firm? How do they perceive your firm and offerings? » Prospects: What keeps your clients up at night? How do they prefer to buy legal services? » Trends: What macro factors, such as politics, economics, social or competition, may affect your organization? Beyond Matter Lists: How Experience Management Supports Strategic Business Development Initiatives by Helena Lawrence, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

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